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  • 16:56 Scott Pilgrim - Easons Kids Book of the Month. That's... An interesting choice. #
  • 16:58 I love the series, but it might be a bit too grown-up in theme (and themes) for twelve year old children. #
  • 16:59 An over-exuberant fan working in the office? Someone really getting stock prepared for the movie? Brian overthinking a trivial thing? #
  • 17:12 Then again, it's better for the modern youth than reading Adjective Team Name, or Ultimate Penultimate Crisis 2 - Another Reckoning... #
  • 19:22 Only coming up on the 3/4 mark of Infinite Jest do I realise I that I've forgotten to use Twitter to track my progress... #infinitesummer #
  • 19:23 As suspected, this book is slowly ruining me for other fiction... #
  • 19:25 It's like Olivia condensed into book form, leaving other women somehow... Lacking. #shamelessflattery #
  • 21:11 If Lando says it, you gotta believe: bit.ly/yKHpU #
  • 21:12 Advocacy: Lando is awesome, and I will fight with determination grim and unironic against any who say otherwise. #
  • 21:51 @AtlusOnline - Persona 4, for not only being fun, but also getting my girlfriend through 3+ months of intense rehab after her knee surgery. #
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Of all the people I thought I'd see in that place on Last monday, I never thought I'd see you. But it was still good to see you doing well for yourself. (I'm being vague so that weird people don't track you down)

P.s. Persona 4 is an ok game. Though there are points where you just ask your self "what the hell is going on? "Why is that bear empty?" "Who interviewed these teachers?" etc etc. Its a strange game.

The weird already have. I don't know that they know of my online presence though (or even the internet for that matter), so the cloak and dagger can be put away for now.

It was good to see you alive and well and bopping about as ever too - I'm in for the next while as WIT does not need my services during the Summer.

Persona 4 is grand as these things go - the tweet was in relation to a competition Atlus are (were?) running, and I do like me free swag. Weirdly, we picked up a Persona 4 bag in Japan without even realising it and before playing the game.

The bear thing gets answered, the teacher issue remains blissfully schtum (though given the tone of the game, I think Mr Morooka was meant as a jab at a particular type of teacher...)