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Are you in Dublin? Did you know that Talulah Does The Hula are playing at the Odessa Sessions this coming Thursday, being the third day of September this year 2009? Were you under the impression that they are like the Pipettes, but with a greater emotional depth and also the more prominent bass guitar? Or indeed if you happen to somewhat crazily dislike the Pipettes know that Talulah (as they are foreshortened) are very much completely different so you will enjoy their musical playings? If of all these things you are in knowing, that in addition said "gig" starts at 8pm? Why then it may warm your heart to know that I will be in attendance also and that I have no connection to the band whatsoever, aside from knowing Jessie the Bass Player who is coincidentally in possession of excellent musical taste in addition to ability.

Plug plug pluggity plug plug.
your kisses are wasted on me... because I am not in dublin.
I like the pipettes, but always found their songs to sound like the persona of the songs was kind of a snotty girl.
But that's the joy of them! The music is boppy and snide and very much aware of the fact.