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Hyperactivity - your friend for only so long.

In which our hero something something something...

Brian Caffrey
5 January 1981
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This is the story of a man who has been watching too much Gurrenn Lagann lately to be able to objectively summarise 28 years of existence right now. But it was awesome, except for when he was being an ass. The awesome:ass ratio will not be defined to protect the innocent and reduce general embarrassment.
+/- 1, 100%, 30 rock, action movie homo-eroticism, adam warren, akira kurosawa, alyson hannigan, anders loves maria, anthony bourdain, arguing pointlessly, aristotelianism, arrested development, batman always wins, brian caffrey, brianarchy, bright'n'shiny productions, bruce timm-ism, buffy seasons 1-3, cadburys chocolate, cansei de ser sexy, carter beats the devil, cat stevens, cautious optimism, chuck jones, chunky headphones, clunky special effects, cold coffee mornings, comics, dead conversations, denying thrice thy lord, descriptive assault, douglas adams, drawing comics, dvds, empowered, existential vaccuums, exploding planet funtime orchestra, fake mayonaise, feminism, fighting evil by proxy, final fantasy, flow of language, fosters home/imaginary friends, fuzzburger, geek pride, getting to the point, giant death robots, glen david gold, graphic design, hayao miyazaki, high definition digital video, his dark materials, historical genre mash-ups, house m.d., hunter s. thompson, i've been tired, identity, ink, iron wok jan, jim mahfood, joe orton, kelly macdonald, king city, kung fu chicanery, language, lester bangs, life after modelling, making films, malcolm gladwell, manga, meathaus, memetics, micro machines 2, my awesome superpowers, mythology, naruto, old book smell, olivia rohan, one piece, osamu tezuka, p.j. wodehouse, pale blue eyes, paul pope, penny arcade, philip k dick, plague monkeys, politics of location, pozark, rabbit ear telepathy, revengeful lobster, richard dawkins, robots, scary go round, scott pilgrim, sega, semiotics, sergio leone, severe emotional repression, shameless dirty self-promotion, sketchbook diaries, soul eater, spaced, stream of consciousness, stupid comics, super 16, super catholic guilt go!, surviving retail, teenage war stories, the collective unconscious, the erudite tyrannosaurus rex, the pretty colours, the pub, the waterford-kilkenny divide, the wire, truth and beauty bombs, turkish coffee, usagi yojimbo, vanilla coke, vikings, violating the fourth wall, we're not pirates, westerns, woks, wordplay, world class egotism, writing myself into corners, yotsuba&!, zen calm, zombies in love